Serata di Natale
il più antico club velico del Mediterraneo

il più antico club velico del Mediterraneo Serata di Natale

Serata di Natale

Serata di Natale

15 dicembre 2023

Dear Members,


As anticipated in the newsletter dated December 6th, we confirm that the project in support of the Jipe Moyo Centre in Tanzania has been approved by the General Management for promotion during the Club’s Christmas evening.


This project was presented to us by our member Chiara Saglietti, together with Benedetta Magnani and Benedetta Serra, who are volunteers at the facility.


The Centre, which hosts vulnerable children from difficult situations such as abandonment, violence (female genital mutilation), child labor, forced marriages, etc., protects and educates the children, making them responsible, and accompanies them until they achieve independence.


Here is a brief overview of the facility.


The specific objective of our fundraising is to finance the renovation of the female dormitory. However, there are many other needs in the vicinity of the Centre, such as the need to provide clean drinking water.


The participation fee for the Christmas dinner includes a lottery ticket, while additional tickets will be available for purchase at the entrance and during the evening.


For those who cannot attend the event but would like to contribute with a donation to our fundraising, you can make a transfer to this dedicated account created by our volunteer girls to ensure the correct destination of the funds.


Here are the donation details:


Banca Generali


IBAN: IT85K0307501603CC8001052150


Reason for payment: AID TO JIPE CENTER


As always, we rely on your generosity!


Best regards,