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The International Council of Yacht Clubs (ICOYC) is a non-profit association of prestigious yacht clubs from all over the world. The Council’s mission is to enable its member clubs to share their experience in the world of yachting with a view to improve their functionality and the standard of the services they provide. This association, previously existing as a “concept” for several years, took shape, and acquired a name, between 2005 and 2010. Yacht Club Italiano (YCI) joined in 2011 with the late Paolo Caffarena as its “Representative” and “ICOYC Officer” until 2014, when Carlo de Thierry took over. Nowadays YCI has Giampaolo Rocca as its Representative and Ludovica Reggio as Alternate. As one of the oldest clubs in the world, YCI contributes with the best Mediterranean seagoing traditions, and enjoys twinning or reciprocity agreements with several clubs worldwide: over 30 at the moment, with more to come in the future. Next “ICOYC Commodore’s World Forum” will be held by the end of September 2019 at Royal Cork Yacht Club in Ireland, concurrent with the celebration of its 300th Anniversary. RCYC, the oldest yacht club in the world, has a reciprocity agreement with Yacht Club Italiano

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Associazione Italiana Vele d’Epoca. Founded in 1982, the l’Associazione Italiana Vele d’Epoca (A.I.V.E.) is a non-profit making organisation which aims to preserve the historical, artistic and technical heritage of vintage and classic yachts. The Association is located at the Yacht Club Italiano offices in Genoa and is affiliated to the Federazione Italiana Vela, which recognises it as a class association for vintage and classic sailing yachts.

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Matti per la Vela. The "Matti per la Vela" association, in collaboration with the Yacht Club Italiano, seeks to promote wellbeing and social integration through yachting.

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Sail Training Association-Italia . The Sail Training Association-Italia (STA-I) is an entirely voluntary, non-profit making organisation, founded in July 1996 by the Italian Navy and the Yacht Club Italiano as the Italian version (similar to other countries where such organisations have been in existence for a number of years) of the international organisation that promotes the collective activity of sailing Tall Ships as a means of training young people and fostering a sense of international brotherhood among young marine and sailing enthusiasts.

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Fondazione Tender To Nave Italia onlus. The aim of the "Fondazione Tender to Nave Italia" is to make a solid and important contribution to the wellbeing of the more vulnerable members of our society: children, adolescents, people with physical, mental and sensorial handicaps, the sick and the aged.For this reason the foundation promotes the sea and navigation as essential training and therapeutic experiences.The Foundation will be equipped with a 61 metre sailing ship with berths for up to thirty guests, plus crew: not just a floating hotel, but a centre for education and research projects.

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Associazione Italiana Derive d’Epoca. A.I.D.E (Associazione Italiana Derive D’Epoca) was formed by a group of vintage keel boat owners, with the YCI present as a founding member in the person of Carlo Croce. The Association has become a nation-wide organisation with the contribution of individual owners and clubs, thanks to the role of the technical committee and the external supervisory committee. The external supervisory committee enables the association to create an information platform, capable of handling communications between private sailors and sailing organisations at a national level, in order to promote yachting. The amateur sporting association AIDE is a non-profit making organisation, the only one of its kind in Italy. It is a reference point for all those who are interested in the history of Olympic sailing and fixed and movable wooden keeled one design craft.

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