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il più antico club velico del Mediterraneo

il più antico club velico del Mediterraneo Institutional Partners

Institutional Partners

SIAD is one of the leading Italian chemical groups, operating in the industrial gas, engineering, healthcare, services, and industrial goods sectors. Founded in Bergamo in 1927, SIAD has since been synonymous with experience, tradition, and corporate solidity, guaranteeing reliability and seriousness. In addition, indispensable values ??include research and technological innovation, both considered essential activities for growth and success in the markets, as well as constant commitment to quality, safety, and environment respect.

Throughout its history, SIAD has diversified both geographically and sectorally, while maintaining a flexible and dynamic organization. The Group has been active in the industrial gas business for 85 years and stands out for its historical and consolidated presence in the engineering sector, with the design, construction, and installation of compressors and systems. In the medical field, it serves both public and private healthcare facilities and also operates in home care. Completing the range of activities are environmental management services, the marketing of consumer goods, and the distribution of welding products and industrial tools.

SIAD’s diversification is also reflected geographically, with production sites, commercial branches, representative offices, and assistance centers in Europe and around the world.

Beyond the industrial context in which it operates, the SIAD Group is committed on multiple fronts to supporting and promoting social and cultural initiatives and also boasts an internal foundation, the Sestini Foundation. SIAD has embraced the vision that a company does not only exist within its narrow scope but, on the contrary, interacts with the external world, with the possibility of returning part of the value it creates to society. The multi-year partnership with the Yacht Club Italiano is one of the most emblematic expressions of this vision: already the Official Sponsor of the SIAD Trophy (Golden Cylinder), SIAD has been the Institutional Sponsor of the Yacht Club Italiano and the "Beppe Croce" Sea School for young sailing enthusiasts for over ten years, and since 2007, it has been a Promoter Benefactor Member of the Tender to Ship Italy Foundation.


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Banca Passadore & C. is an independent private bank that has been serving private clients and businesses since 1888. It is recognized nationally as a benchmark of excellence, but its roots are deeply tied to Genoa and the Yacht Club Italiano.

The bank operates with its own operational model, characterized by increasingly distinct elements of competitiveness within the system. Traditionally focused on developing careful client relationships, as well as providing quality and personalized services.

The bank’s independence and operational autonomy ensure absolute freedom of choice to seize the best opportunities in the interest of its clients, without external conditioning or constraints.

The flexibility and dynamism of its structure, resulting from an internal organization highly oriented towards the client, allows for prompt decision-making and the managerial agility necessary to provide tailor-made banking and financial solutions. The bank’s staff boasts distinctive characteristics in terms of professionalism, expertise, and reliability, perfectly aligned with the bank’s image. Confidentiality and discretion have always been considered essential factors in the relationship with its clients.