Our instructor: Paolo Vianson
il più antico club velico del Mediterraneo

il più antico club velico del Mediterraneo Our instructor: Paolo Vianson

Our instructor: Paolo Vianson
Comandante del Grampus

Our Instructor: Paolo Vianson

Commander of the Grampus


Born on September 9, 1958, he has been the commander of Grampus since 2004.

His passion for sailing began in 1974, and he is considered a "sea master" who loves sailing, especially offshore. He lives in Genoa and is the father of three children.

He worked in the commodity trading sector and then in the IT sector for a large multinational corporation. Since 2004, he has worked for Yacht Club Italiano, overseeing all offshore sailing activities.

As a Federal Instructor for both dinghy and offshore sailing with registration number 1964, he collaborates with the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV) for the training of instructors and with the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) for the Offshore Personal Survival Training Course, necessary for participation in ocean races.

Paolo’s sailing experience is extensive. He started racing in Derive FJ, S Class, 470, and Tornado before transitioning to offshore sailing. He has sailed throughout the Mediterranean, covering many miles.

From 2001 to 2013, he actively participated in the "Matti per la Vela" project promoted by the homonymous nonprofit organization, offering young people with psychiatric disorders the opportunity to find some serenity by sailing along the Italian coast, reaching as far as Trieste where he led them to participate in the Barcolana regatta.

Always attentive to safety, he is now one of the foremost experts in the field. He collaborates with the ISAF for the continuous research and updating of courses on survival at sea.

He has refined and perfected his relational skills by participating in numerous inter-relational training courses. His organizational abilities and skills make him one of the most respected skippers and sailing instructors.


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Our instructor: Paolo Vianson
Our instructor: Paolo Vianson
Our instructor: Paolo Vianson
Our instructor: Paolo Vianson