8mR World Championship
il più antico club velico del Mediterraneo

il più antico club velico del Mediterraneo 8mR World Championship

8mR World Championship




The Yacht Club Italiano is proud to host the 2023 8mR World Championship.

Since year 2000 the Coppa d’Italia, donated to Reale Yacht Club Italiano in 1898 by Umberto I, King of Italy and Patron of the Club, has been assigned to the winner of the 8 Meter World Championship. For this reason, we are honoured to host again in Genoa the 2023 Edition, and to welcome partecipants from all over the world.
The Organizing Authority is the Yacht Club Italiano ( YCI )  under the aegis of the Federazione Italiana Vela (FIV), in conjunction with the International 8 Metre Class Association (IEMA).
Rules applied : Rules of the International 8 Metre Class Rating Rule and the International 8 Metre World

24 -26 August:  Measurements
26 & 27 August:  Tune-up races
28 August: Racing 29 August: Racing 30 August: Racing
31 August: Reserve Day
01 September: Racing  
02 September Racing & Prize giving