Bombola d’Oro - Trofeo SIAD
il più antico club velico del Mediterraneo

il più antico club velico del Mediterraneo Bombola d’Oro - Trofeo SIAD

Bombola d’Oro - Trofeo SIAD

The SIAD Bombola d’Oro Trophy, a regatta organized by the Italian Yacht Club, has become  a classic event in Italy’s sailing season. This year it celebrates its twenty-third edition and  stands out as an event not to be missed for those drawn to such an exciting class as the  Dinghy 12’, and for all those who love sailing and the sea.

This year the regatta has a special meaning, as a symbol of Portofino’s return to normality: it has also become a gesture of solidarity towards the town’s inhabitants after the reopening of its roads, badly damaged by stormy seas last autumn, which effectively cut off the picturesque port from the rest of the Ligurian coastline.

The SIAD Bombola d’Oro Trophy is a special kind of regatta. This is partly thanks to the prestige of the Yacht Club Italiano, and to the beautiful setting of the event,  but also to the atmosphere that permeates it: a stimulating mixture of competition and collective pleasure.

Technically, this is a challenging regatta which requires preparation and skill, but it has a friendly mood, where everyone is ready to help those in difficulty and at the end to share experiences and emotions.

The event’s success is also connected with its boat class: the Dingy 12’ (or Twelve Foot Dinghy). Designed in 1913, and celebrating 106 fascinating years, this class has maintained and protected its appeal and tradition in the face of all assaults from extreme technical novelties.

Still, the success of the SIAD Bombola d’Oro Trophy is above all due to those who founded this regatta, conceived as an opportunity for encounter and friendship. The “Bombolino”, as it is affectionately known to veterans, was the idea of Roberto Sestini and a group of close friends who all shared a passion for sailing.

Gathered around a restaurant table one evening in 1996, they decided to organize an event that would give form to their passion in a regatta open to all: an ever expanding group of friends, competing to see who was the best, but above all to celebrate their shared love for sailing and for the sea.

Over the years, that simple appealing idea has grown to become a major publicized event that attracts numerous 12’ Dinghy sailors from Germany, Japan, Holland, Turkey, Spain and Austria as well as many Italians.

As has been the case for some years now, the regatta will last three days, in order to allow for the changeable moods of the Gulf of Tigullio... and to add another day to this opportunity for meeting new encounters and old acquaintances.



Periodo di Regata

Dal 17 al 19 Maggio

Percorso Portofino - Santa Margherita

Dinghy 12p



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